Make Indian Dishes @ Home ….

My aim for this blog will be to put the most popular dishes in this blog so that anybody could prepare these dishes at home.

As an Indian the very facts that people dont know is , it is taught in our families or you can say a culture that is taught in every family which goes generation to generation to judge which is the right vegetable for cooking.Like ..

  • How do you judge a good lemon ?

Answer – well press it with your nails on the peel , if it is harder to squeeze then it is unlikely you will get good amount of juice out of the lemon , size doesn’t matter.

  • How do you judge a good Quality Basmati rice ?

First see the rice carefully , every grain should be pure white , it should not be tainted , tainted doesnt mean it is not basmati , but it is inferior quality. Also see if it is long in size – the longer the better.

  • 2 things that any person shoul know before cooking is
    • first for making a meat or lamb dish , we do not use lamb in india for cooking but goat meat which is little expensive but better in taste , so any body making meat curry should use goat meat
    • secondly to make it tasty indians use ghee which is not easily available put an important part of the dish , I would not suggest you to often use it as it makes your cholestrol level which is not good but use limited is good.
    • To make any meal complete normally people in India use achaar (pickle), or papad (popadum)
    • or have sweet or salted lassi(buttermilk) to cool down stomach and aids in digestion mostly drink in summers or KAANJI which is made during Jan – Feb – March for winters season made at homes with carrots (tangy in taste ).
  • There is a lot more than just curry , try making pav bhaji at home , or simple 2 minute shikanjee or papri chat. The list is enormous

So the first lesson for any good cook will be to get the right stuff. Right stuff makes the right dish.

There is also one question arises in mind – Why my dish doesn’t tastes as good as the dish made with same ingredients in India.

REASON – most of the stuff in developed countries is genetic so it might give you the right nutrients but might not taste natural but I will try to make it as Indian as I could..

We have 27 states and 6 union territories Every state has its own unique way of cooking and eating habits.

In North delhi , punjab , himachal pradesh , rajasthan .. use roti (indian bread)to eat with, one vegetable dish without curry (sookhi) which is put in the plate , and 2nd dish with curry geeli in the bowl.

After this when you dont want anymore roti you can have the rest of the food with rice.

This is an everyday one time meal in any indian home.

I will put some best videos , well it is very difficult to cover all the dishes but i have tried to put the best of the LOT. ENJOY >>>>


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